Спортивные технологии будущего
New experience in sport and entertainment

Designed for both professional training of fighters and athletes, as well as for lovers of sports and martial arts. With Gladiator training will become more effective, independent. Diversify the routine in the training process, and bring new experiences!
Depending on the configuration, Gladiator can be used:
In the entertainment industry
Children's or adult robot
In amateur sports
and fitness
Replacement with standard cardio simulators. Coordination training, warm-up, etc.
Martial arts professionals
Addition to training with a sparring partner, practicing strikes, avoiding strikes, etc.
Special forces and army
Professional standardized training for fighters.
This is a new look at physical education in the era of technological progress!
Video what it looks like:
Gladiator includes:
Own intellectual system
Various feedback systems
Extensive customization options
User friendly control interface
Quality components:
  • Made on high-tech equipment of the enterprises of the Russian defence complex;
  • have a high margin of safety;
  • when choosing components, we were guided primarily by their high degree of reliability.

Compared to the human sparring partner:

  • Ready to work with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Works at any level of difficulty
  • It can act according to the selected algorithm or independently
  • Keeps track of training statistics
User benefits
It is extremely interesting, immediately involves in the process of training and holds in it.
It does not require great efforts in order to "force yourself to engage in", leaving strong positive emotions after training.
It gives a good overall physical development, develops high coordination of movements.
Allows you to effectively develop hand-to-hand combat skills, both defensive and attacking.
Allows you to remove mental and emotional stress due to the full involvement of mind in the training process.
Conforms to the requirements of necessary safety.
Simulator testing
In mixed martial arts competitions
In mixed martial arts competitions

The video shows an experimental sample, technical parameters and appearance can be determined by the customer. In the picture you see one of the options we are developing.
You can obtain more detailed technical information individually by contacting us by phone or e-mail or send us a message (form below).
How to try Gladiator?
At the moment, a prototype simulator is located in Moscow, at our production site. You can examine and try it by prior arrangement with us.
What else we can do

In addition to the production and maintenance of Gladiator simulators, we can develop and produce other simulators and devices of high complexity in the field of sports and extreme entertainment, as we have the corresponding capabilities and experience. It is also possible to equip the Gladiator simulator with additional options according to your application.
For partners and customers
Our simulator can become both a tool for solving various tasks, and an addition or foundation to your business.
We are ready to consider various types of partnership.
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